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Coaches Corner is a forum for the coaches of The Lakes Football Club to share football ideas, training plans and offer solutions to those common problems that arise in both junior and senior football. This page will be updated regularly so be sure to check back for the latest information.

Return to Training Guidelines - Stage 2

To keep everyone safe, Football Queensland have prepared Return to Training Guidelines. All coaches are to follow the procedures outlines in these guidelines. Click here to download the Return to Training Guidelines.

All Coaches must keep a record of attendance at all training sessions (including players, trainers and coaches). Coaches should contact your coordinator to get access to the Google Sheets attendance register.  Click here to download the FQ Template Attendance Register.

Coaching Essentials

All coaches, team managers and volunteers must register on the play football website

All coaches and managers must abide with the Code of Conduct published by Football Federation Australia. Click here to download the Code of Conduct.

All coaches, managers and volunteers must have a current Blue Card. Click here to apply for a Blue Card. Please complete the form and print and scan and email it to our club Secretary

The organisation name is: The Lakes Football Club
The organisation ID number is: 996753
The organisation address is: PO Box 1567 North Lakes Qld 4509
Please leave the other organisation detail sections blank.

Player Injuries

Team Managers and Coaches play an important role in keeping our players safe. If any player, coach, manager or other person sustains an injury at training or at games, we ask that an Injury Report be sent to the club.

Please provide as much detail as possible. If you have photographs that help describe the injury, please include them as well.

Completed Injury Reports can be emailed to the Club President, Andrew Aitken at

Passing & Receiving Warmup - ABC's

PLAYERS: 8 | AREA: 10x10 | AGE: U6-U11 | TIME: 10-15 Mins


Agility, balance, coordination & speed

Weight of pass

Good 1st touch


10x10 Area. Players begin in pairs with a tag game. If a player tags their partner they get 1 point and then swap roles. Encourage ABC’s.


Introduce footballs with players passing and receiving to each other. When a player has made a pass they run around any yellow cone and back into the area to receive.


1. Agility, balance, coordination and speed.  2. Communication. 3. Weight of pass. 4. Type of pass. 5. Good 1st touch. 6. Movements to receive.

Ball Mastery & Beat The Player Moves: Warm Up

Dribbling & Running with the Ball - Warm Up (Technical)

PLAYERS: 12 | AREA: 30x20 | AGE U8-U12 | TIME: 15


Head up & awareness

When to dribble, when to run with the ball

Quality of end product


30x20 area with 3 x stations. 1. O’s dribble with the ball for end product of shot at goal. 2. X’s run with the ball for end product to combine around the mannequin with team mate. 3. ^’s run with the ball across the area to red mannequins for end product of crosses to team mate.


1. Head up and aware of ball, space, team mates and other players 2. Identify when to dribble and when to run with the ball 3. Lots of touches & close control when limited space 4. First touch out of feet & travel when space to do so 5. Change of speed and direction 6. Skills and turns to change direction 7. Work both feet 8. End product: Shoot/combine/cross

Possession Drill: Warm Up

Combination Play: Technical

PLAYERS: 11 | AREA: 30x30 | AGE: U9-U13 | TIME: 15-20 Mins



Quality of the pass

Tight 1st touch


30x30 Area with receiving squares in each corner. Players divided into 2 x teams, with one team passing clockwise around the area to team mates in the square, and one team passing anti-clockwise. Players follow their pass to next receiving square.


Players can come out of the square to receive and can either take ball back into square to pass or set back to the player who passed them to combine.


1. Communication 2. Awareness of ball, space, team mates and other players 3. Quality and type of pass (punch through the middle of the ball) 4. Tight 1st touch 5. Play in 2 touches if possible (1 to receive, 1 to pass) 6. Body shape on receiving the ball

Dribbling Drills: Fundamentals

Counter Attacking

PLAYERS: 10 | AREA: 2x 20x10 (+AGILITY STATIONS) | AGE: U11-U15 | TIME: 15 Mins


Speed & change of direction

Get forward as quickly as possible

Agility & technique as player travels


2 x 20x10 Areas and Agility Stations in between the areas. 2 x teams of 5 with one team in each area playing handball and passing and moving. On coaches call, teams have to leave there ball and move quickly through agility stations to opposite area. First team to area gets a point.


Ball is placed on floor and players pass and move


1. Speed and change of direction. 2. Get forward as quickly as possible. 3. Movements to create space and explode forward. 4. Communication. 5. Quality & types of pass. 6. Agility and technique through stations. 7. Explosive speed to move forward.

First Goalkeeping Session

Warm Up - Technical

Playing Under Pressure

PLAYERS: 9 | AREA 15X15 | AGE: 8-12 | TIME: 15 Mins


Awareness of ball, space, team mates & opposition.

Movement to create angles to receive



AREA: 15M x 15M with 2 teams. 1 team (O's) have a ball each and dribble around the area attempting to block passing lines as X's attempt to pass and move around the area. Rotate roles of players.


If possible, X’s to play in 2 touches to unbalance dribblers.


1. Awareness of ball, space, team mates and opposition. 2. Movement to create angles to receive. 3. Communication. 4. Type of pass. 5. Quality 1st touch. 6. Play in 2 touches if possible (1 to receive and 1 to pass)

Small Sided Games - 4v4

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